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There are plenty of amazing sightseeing attractions to enjoy throughout Nuremberg. These attractions include the Old City Hall, Hospice of the Holy Spirit, St. Sebaldus' Church, Imperial Castle (and gardens), Executioner's Bridge and Wine Store, the Opera House, and the Way of Human Rights. If you're fortunate enough to visit Nuremberg around Christmastime, make sure to check out the Nuremberg Christmas Market, which is located on Main Market Square and find the Nuremberg Christmas Angel who visits the market. Many cheap hotels in Nuremberg are within walking distance.

Families will have no trouble finding great things to see and do including the DB Museum (Railway Museum), Albrecht-Durer-Haus, Kaiserburg Museum (Imperial Castle Museum), and Lochgefangnisse (Medieval Dungeons). There are also countless festivals that take place in Nuremberg throughout the year so be sure to ask if any are going on as you check into your low-cost Nuremberg Hotels.

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Map: Nuremberg

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